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Use template:

{{Bubble|bg-color=#fff|h-color=#fff|title=Example|image=example.png|content=<p class="panel-body">Some text here.</p>}}
  • h-color: Header background color in hexadecimal format #ccc
  • bg-color: Panel background color in hexadecimal format #fff
  • image: 20px wide header icon image Example.svg (exclude File:)


<p class="panel-body">Some example text</p>

<ul class="content-table">
  <li class="list-item">Some example text</li>

<ul class="featured-table">
  <li class="featured list-item">
    <span class="right">[[File:Example.svg|50px|link=Article]]</span>
    <div class="media-body">
      <h4 class="media-heading">Title</h4>
      Some example text

<p class="panel-footer">Some example text</p>