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This is a note!

It contains the early rough scribblings of an article, which you could grow to a more thorough page, or simply deranged science musings!
If you are on the hunt for incomplete articles to fill in you can check the notes category for a list of all articles that have this banner.

I think we may need an external, very simple, file store for large objects. Specifically, we want to:

1. Use the wiki as a wiki - don't try to add un-wiki-like files or structure. Use the wiki for when it's the best tool for the job.

2. Store some large files, eventually.

I do not want to move off of Miraheze. They're cool, and I don't relish the task of configuring and securing (and paying for! a wiki farm. Use the non-profit as a non-profit. :p


  • Storing mirrored copies of papers (as much as we can legally and safely).
  • Protein structure data, raw reports, user surveys, etc.
  • Webcomics! All the trans webcomics that are inactive and at risk of deletion. Just a thing I really want!
  • Access to more powerful tools for the science projects!