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These guides are simply portals into articles, for different audiences. These are only landing pages, linking to the rest of the wiki.

Intersectionalism tells us that there's no way we can make progress if we split off our different, intersecting, communities. Therefore, all articles should be written for a binary, non-binary and intersex audience. Talk pages or articles which give special support to a particular community are exempt, of course, for instance articles on Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

Questioning Corner

This will contain a bunch of resources, baby trans stuff, answers to allay common concerns. Coming out is really scary! We really, really want to make this site as accessible as possible for anyone starting to catch the gender wobbles.

Transfeminine Hitchhiker's Guide

This will be the portal for anyone transitioning medically towards feminine. This includes trans and intersex women, non-binary transfeminine folks and AFAB trans people who want to feminize. The bent of this portal will be decidedly binary, but accessible to non-binary people as well. However, non-binary users will have their own guide.

Transmasculine Hitchhiker's Guide

Mirror universe clone of the above. We might want to see if we could group both of these into a single "binary" portal, and then have a separate non-binary portal. Expect this to change.

Enby Hitchhiker's Guide

This wonderful, amazing portal will have all the medical info for enby people! We're decidedly underserved in the medical community, so this and the intersex community, as well as disabled and unprivileged trans people, need the most love.

Intersex Hitchhiker's Guide

This guide will contain intersex health articles, links to community resources and knowledge. It should help you understand where you're at, where your body's at, and how to work with it to get where you want to be, wherever that is.