Gender affirming presentation

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Here is an incomplete list of some common ways people might present in order to affirm their sense of gender that don't require medical intervention. Not everyone feels the need to present in such ways, though for others they can be very helpful in relieving gender dysphoria. Either way gender itself does not depend on these things, rather they are often used as a way of expressing it.


  • Packers
  • Binders
  • Contouring makeup
  • Clothes/accessories/cosmetics socially considered masculine
  • Hairstyles socially considered masculine


  • Genderfluidity
    • Quick change clothes
    • Gina clip
    • Bag containing clothes/accessories/ect. for "switching"
  • Androgyny
    • Ambiguity
      • "Unisex" clothes/accessories/cosmetics
    • Juxtaposition
      • Mixing socially gendered clothes/accessories/cosmetics