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CyborGhost: Hey, I really appreciate many of your Contributions but some of your edits on the Spiro page seem rather bias and are making claims not fully backed up by their citations. If you want to discuss this more me and other admins would like to hear your side. But in the mean time we are going to begin looking through your edits to give proper explanations of why we will have to revert and alter some of them.

We are currently working on taking a point vs counter-point approach in attempts to acknowledge some of the negative aspects of Spiro you were bringing up while still discussing reasons it is widely used. To clarify removal of information and false information is not the best way of describing why we had to temporarily suspend your account, it's more that many of your edits and reasons for reverting were very bias against Spiro. Although it definitely has flaws there are many reasons why it is used that we feel need to be brought up in contrast with it's negatives to provide some context. While we prepare this list of points and counterpoints I have temporarily edit protected the page and attempted to remove the sections where the edit war is taking place. If even after we attempt to prepare this neutral approach to the debate you still have points you feel were not addressed then we will be happy to include them.
For many American trans-femmes Spiro is the only option offered to them, and not acknowledging the reasons why it is used (instead focusing only focusing on it's negative aspects) could drive people to have a distorted view of the situation and turn to DIYing experimental regimens as a perceived safer alternative. Although some other regimens may be a safer alternative many people don't have the necessary skills to safely DIY, and our goal is not to provide alternative medical advice. At the most we hope to quote the most relevant standard resources and perhaps describe experimental hypothesis that can be used by professionals for areas of further research.
In the meantime as the Spiro article is protected anyway we will remove your temporary suspension, in the future please attempt to take a less bias approach when bringing up such negatives.