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Welcome To Mad Gender Science!
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This wiki contains everything a budding mad (gender) scientist needs to further their work! Specifically, the driving goals behind this wiki are to:

  • Educate ourselves about the biology underlying transition and developmental sex differentiation.
  • Postulate and collect a compendium of hypothetical treatments that warrant further research.
  • Reduce harm by bringing together official standards of care for gender identities and intersex conditions.
  • Enable access to needed information freely to those who require help navigating the systems.
  • Provide a forum for people whom these conditions affect the most to become more educated and involved in the processes of their treatments, advancing healthcare ourselves!

Quick Links

  • Non-binary.svg
    The enbyfication category contains a list of all our pages that have elements which are not necessarily specific to either masculinization or feminization. Though we do understand many individuals identifying as non-binary may make use of the information from other categories.
  • Feminization.svg
    The feminization category contains a list of all our pages relevant to the phenomenon of feminization, which can be useful for people wishing to research ways to feminize themselves as well as those who wish to understand more about how puberty feminizes the body.
  • Masculinization.svg
    The masculinization category contains a list of all our pages relevant to the phenomenon of masculinization, which can be useful for people wishing to research ways to masculinize themselves as well as those who wish to understand more about how puberty masculinizes the body.

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Please be cautious, this isn't medical advice! We do our best to make sure this information is accurate and well researched but it is publicly edited by people who may or may not be professionals. Do not assume any of this website's information is correct until you have verified it through more reputable sources first. If you are unsure about a specific fact here, try checking any citations it has for more answers. Or if you do your own further research to verify a fact, please add any relevant citations you find to help other researchers who may have wondered the same thing!

Harm Reduction

Contact Us

  • Have a discord account? Come discuss your wild ideas with other mad scientists over on our server!
  • Mabel, the founder, can be sometimes be found on our discord server. Or alternatively by leaving a message on her talk page.
  • CyborGhost, the content curator, can usually be reached on our discord server. Or you can just leave a message on their talk page.
  • LilianaUmbra, the research librarian, is often on our discord server. Or you can post a message on her talk page.
  • For inquiries you can contact the admin email account at

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Did you know?

Prior to phalloplasty or after vaginoplasty you may still need pap smears!

Portal Index

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Below are all the portals to our content categories, where many of our articles are filed away. Many of these subjects have yet to be filled in, so if a link isn't working that is probably the case. If you have something you want to contribute here feel free to start an article yourself and help fill in the blanks!

New to the wiki? Try checking out our editing guide article, and the mediawiki wiki for help with editing!

Out of ideas? Try checking out the Wishlist for articles that still need to be written!

Gender Science

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HRT: Pharmaceutical feminizing HRTPharmaceutical masculinizing HRT

Drugs: FinasterideBicalutamideSpironolactone ⋅ Cyproterone acetate ⋅ EstrogensAndrogens ⋅ Progesterone ⋅ Leuprorelin ⋅ Goserelin ⋅ Anti-androgens

Surgery: Vaginectomy ⋅ Penectomy ⋅ Phalloplasty ⋅ Vaginoplasty ⋅ Orchiectomy ⋅ Facial feminization surgeries ⋅ Vocal feminization surgery ⋅ Tracheal shaving

Biological mechanisms: Androgen receptorTimeline of sexual development (masculine)SRY signaling cascadeNeurosteroids

Community Resources

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Word of mouth databases: Dodging gatekeepers ⋅ Informed consent locations ⋅ Doctor reviews ⋅ Therapist reviews ⋅ Safe travel maps ⋅ Allied businesses ⋅ Local support communities ⋅ Online communities ⋅ Medication experience reports ⋅ Surgical experience reports

International databases: Laws by location ⋅ UN joint statements and resolutions ⋅ Healthcare standards world map ⋅ History of persecution ⋅ Translations

Hitchhiker's Guides

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Questioning ⋅ Getting started ⋅ Voice ⋅ Gender affirming presentation ⋅ Reproduction and HRT ⋅ Sexuality ⋅ Intersex conditions

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